Video tutorial: Using the Inspector in Sibelius 7


Check out this video tutorial by Philip Rothman of NYC Music Services, which shows you many of the powerful things you can do with the Inspector in Sibelius 7, which is the new and improved replacement for the Properties window in previous versions of Sibelius.

The Inspector is much more useful than the Properties window in previous versions: it’s context-sensitive, so it only shows you options that are relevant to the object or objects you have selected; it’s keyboard-accessible, meaning you can tab around the window and make changes to values using just the keyboard (unlike previous versions, in which editing properties relied entirely on the mouse); and it opens itself to the appropriate size and position only when you need it (and can be pinned to the score if you want it to stick around all the time).

Philip’s tutorial shows you a variety of the advanced edits that you can make to notes, bars, lines and text in your score using the Inspector. You may be surprised at the power contained within that little black box!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you might be interested in attending a training course with Philip in New York City in July.


  1. Mike

    Thanks for a great tutorial.

    Just one thing. To me, ‘Repeat 3x’ means play a total of 4x. Is ‘Repeat’ meant to be interchangeable with ‘Play’?


    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      ‘Repeat 3 times’ is indeed equivalent to ‘Play 4 times’. Philip may not have had that absolutely straight in his tutorial. (You can type things like ‘Play 4 times’ or ‘Repeat 3 times’ in the score above repeat barlines and Sibelius will interpret those instructions on playback, as an alternative to using the ‘Play on pass’ checkboxes in the Inspector.)

  2. Engela

    Thanks, this is great! I found the information about the Repeats very helpful.

  3. Philip

    Mike, Daniel — Indeed correct about the repeats. It should have more accurately said “PLAY 3X”. If I had typed out “Repeat 3 times” Sibelius would have played the passage a total of 4 times by default without having to adjust the repeat barline.

    Incidentally, if you do type some Tempo text or any other text and find that Sibelius is interpreting your text and you rather it didn’t, you can use the Inspector to uncheck Playback for that item, similar to how I showed in the tutorial.

  4. Sarah Dey

    Fantastic information. I am getting more and more curious about sources to learn Sibelius for my online training and this blog in particular will help me a lot with Inspector in particular. Now off to read the video tutorial in creating PDFs. Is this the official blog?

  5. Benny Stiebel

    Ah gods bless you. Saved my bacon this one…

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