Video tutorial: 10 features of Sibelius 7’s ribbon


If you’re still weighing up whether or not to upgrade to Sibelius 7, and you’re worried about the impact the new task-orientated user interface will have on your use of the software, then this video tutorial from the ever-reliable Philip Rothman of NYC Music Services (@nycmusicservice) should be of great interest. While it’s not a comprehensive tour of the ribbon, it does show off 10 handy features that are easily accessed via the ribbon, and demonstrates some of the ways that the ribbon can increase your efficiency with Sibelius, rather than impede it. Thanks to Philip for putting this together.


  1. marco bolten

    My main reason for *not* buying Sibelius7 is that sacking the entire core developing crew leaves me with no hope of Sibelius’ future.

    1: You don’t just take the innermost circle of creative minds away and replace them by cheap “offshore” programming teams without dramatic decrease in the quality of inventions – the very thing that distinguished Sibelius from others.
    2. You don’t just replace a whole developer team without a dramatic fallback in reliability with future releases. The new programmers just don’t know the little tweaks and inter-dependencies that are crucial to such a huge software. Everyone who knows the first thing about programming knows that.
    3. I will not pay a company (in this case AV[o]ID) for killing this software that I loved. I will stay with S6 until a competitor comes along that I like, then I’ll switch. This is – for me – like giving up a dear faith.

    This said, I am quite sure that this comment will be deleted, if this blog is within any control of AV[o]ID

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