Using instrument changes, noteheads and layout tricks in Sibelius


Peter Kirn’s excellent blog, Create Digital Music, regularly covers Sibelius and other notation software. Peter was recently asked to speak about his use of Sibelius at the City University of New York Graduate Center, and put together a detailed tutorial that brings together a number of important tips and tricks for producing advanced layouts with Sibelius, including:

  • Using instrument changes to change the appearance of a staff, e.g. to hide barlines or bar rests, or to make staves entirely invisible.
  • Using different notehead types (including headless notes) for special effects.
  • Learning the basic layout shortcuts for system and page breaks.
  • Exporting graphics from Sibelius for further work in other softWARE.
  • Using the Worksheet Creator to create templates for teaching.

It’s always great to see Sibelius tips, especially such detailed ones. Thank you, Peter!


  1. Lisa

    I have to agree! I found the Peter Kirn article via a link on my squidoo lens and found it very thorough and informative!
    Lisa (Sibelius 5 user)

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