1. Jeroen Noten

    The snare is mostly in the same voice as the bass drum, is’nt it?
    I thought the drums were placed in the 2nd voice and the cymbals in the first..

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      There are a number of different conventions about whether particular drums should have stems up or stems down. Some folks think things you do with your feet should be stems down and things you do with your hands should be stems up, for example. I would personally probably agree with you that snare notes with stems down would be clearer (and the Percussive Arts Society would agree with us, too) but there are definitely a number of different conventions in use.

  2. Peter DiBerardino

    Since I don’t use Sibelius that often, one tends to forget how to use it and that’s just what happened to me. So I went to the Sibelius Forum and posed my question about writing for drums and Daniel Spreadbury responded by telling me about this Unpitched Percussion Tutorial.
    It is fantastic. Exactly what I needed.

    I had started to read the Handbook from the beginning because I figured that’s the only way to get back into it. Needless to say, it’s time consuming and right now I have to get this project finished.
    So, thanks to Daniel, allot of frustration was saved.
    So after this project that I’m involved in, I made up my mind to “practice” Sibelius every week.

    This is a terrific blog and I’ll be reading hopefully all of your tutorials.


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