The secret powers of Finale’s Selection Tool


This video series is part of Conquering Finale, a regular feature on Scoring Notes, with new installments released periodically.

The secret powers of the Selection Tool

Lesson 1

Master the humble Selection Tool in Finale and you will save precious seconds every time! Multiplied a few hundred or a few thousand times…it adds up!

Covered in this video: bar selection techniques, all the copy and paste info you could need, selection of elements, quick navigation between tools and contextual menus.

Lesson 2

More things you can do right from the Selection Tool.

Covered in this video: refined manipulation of score elements, quick diatonic transposition of notes, moving bars from one system to another, Move/Copy Layers, and more.

Lesson 3

Harness the power of Finale’s Copy and Paste Filter!

Also covered in this video: Clear Selected Items and SmartFind and Paint.

Listen to the podcast episode

On the Scoring Notes podcast, David MacDonald and Philip Rothman talk with Jason Loffredo about preparing music for the world of musical theatre and his Conquering Finale video tutorial series, which can help you better master that sophisticated software, whether you’re a new or long-time user. Listen now:

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Scoring Notes
Conquering Finale with Jason Loffredo



  1. Pierce

    Grateful for a Finale series to… finally!… make its way here!

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