Route Sibelius or Finale MIDI to Logic via IAC bus


More than nine years ago there was a post on this blog detailing the steps needed to use Logic Pro’s virtual instruments with Sibelius 6. This tutorial was written in 2015, and updated in 2019, which makes things a little easier using the latest software: Sibelius and Logic Pro X, and also includes steps for using Finale and Dorico.

Needless to say, this tutorial only applies to Mac users.

Steps 1-4: Setting up the IAC bus

1. Open Audio MIDI Setup (found in your Applications/Utilities folder) and choose Window > MIDI Studio.

2. Double-click the IAC Driver icon.

3. In the dialog that appears, check Device is online to turn on the driver. You can optionally specify more than one bus if you like, if you plan on using more than 16 instruments at one time (each bus can hold 16 channels).

4. Click Apply. Continue reading Steps 5-9 for Sibelius, Finale, or Dorico.

Steps 5 – 9: Sibelius

5. Quit Sibelius if it is running, then launch it again.

6. Go to Play > Setup > Playback Devices (click the little downwards right-pointing arrow)

7. Click New… to create a new Playback Device. Name it something sensible, like “IAC Logic”.

8. Find “IAC Driver Bus 1” in the list of Available Devices and click Activate. Save your new configuration and click Close.


9. Set up or open the score that you wish to use. Type M to open the Mixer and take note of the channel assignments in your score. Click the Change mixer height icon (the one that looks like wireless signal bars) to open the expanded view of the mixer so you can see these channel assignments.


Go to “Steps 10-13: Logic”, below.

Steps 5 – 9: Finale

5. Quit Finale if it is running, then launch it again.

6. Go to MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI/Internal Speaker Setup…

7. Where it says Playback To: select MIDI System and click Enable Inter-Application Ports. Then, choose IAC Driver Bus 1 under Output Device, and click OK.


8. Go to MIDI/Audio and choose Play Finale Through MIDI. Then, go to MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI Thru… and choose Off to avoid MIDI feedback.

9. Set up or open the score that you wish to use. Go to Window > Score Manager and click on the Instrument List tab. You may need to reassign your playback sounds by going to MIDI/Audio > Reassign Playback Sounds. Take note of the channel assignments in your score.


Go to “Steps 10-13: Logic”, below.

Steps 5 – 9: Dorico

5. Quit Dorico if it is running, then launch it again.

6. Go to Play mode.

7. Click MIDI Instruments at the bottom of the Play window, and click the +.

8. In the drop-down menu, select IAC Driver Bus 1. Do this for each instrument in your score.

9. In Preferences > Play > MIDI Input Devices… uncheck IAC Driver Bus 1, to avoid a MIDI loop.

Go to “Steps 10-13: Logic”, below.

Steps 10 -13: Logic

10. Create a Logic project with the instruments and sounds you wish to use (the assumption is you know how to do this). The tracks can be in any order you like, but you might want to arrange them in the same order of your Sibelius, Finale, or Dorico score, or in the order of the MIDI channels, if they are not one and the same.

11. Set each instrument to match the appropriate channel in your Sibelius, Finale, or Dorico score (1,2, etc.). Make sure each instrument is set to “Record enable” by clicking the orange R.


12. Go to File > Project Settings > Recording, and check the box “Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording“.


13. Play your score from Sibelius, Finale, or Dorico. The MIDI should now be routing through Logic, using whatever sounds you have set up in Logic.

A big thank you to Ben Byram-Wigfield for devising the steps needed to set this up correctly with Finale, and to Seth Ahnert for providing the Dorico steps.


  1. Michael LoBianco

    This is exactly what I needed. Thank you! I guess I can also use the same technique for GPO4 Garrison Personal Ochestra 4 setup?

  2. Pascal K

    Very interesting post. Thank you! How can you route non-piched percussions single staves from Sibelius 7.5 to separate single kit elements in Logic Pro X ?

    1. Adam S

      I’m also interested to learn how to use multiple non-pitched percussion staves since they all seem locked in at MIDI channel 10.

  3. michel Le Guen


    Thanks you very much
    I can do that now, very nice!!!
    It’s possible to syncronize to record in logic when sibelius play the song?
    Have a good day

    excuse my bad english, i m french to paris

  4. Richard

    This is a superb guide, thank you!

    Now I just have to fix basic Rewire between Sib 7.5 and Logic Pro X and I’m sorted!

    Thanks so much!


    1. Philip Rothman

      Happy to hear it, Richard!

  5. treia


    Is it possible to record midi data from logic to sibelius playing in real time?


    1. Vernon

      This needs to happen

  6. Al Johnston

    It is entirely possible to have Sibelius remotely control a sequencer, for instance, Logic X. It can be done on a PC, too. Find out how at my Youtube channel, Novaclassica:

    1. treia

      Hi Al.

      can you put the exact link please?, because i see that you have tons of videos in your you tube channel, can not find it, and very interested, Thanks!!

      1. Al Johnston

        Please view all the videos of the first playlist before proceeding to implement the instructions.
        Here’s the first tutorials playlist:
        The second set of tutorials is here:
        Also, for maximum results, on PCs you should re-install Windows and\or at least optimize Windows using the last couple of videos of this tutorial playlist:

  7. Devin


    I have the IAC driver up and working in Sibelius and the instructions were great. Does anyone know if there is a way to change to a different channel using a command in Sibelius without having to use the “instrument change” function. I’m trying to bypass the manual sound set which is cumbersome and I’d rather use Logic to store and organize all of my sounds. Unfortunately, I’m unsure after searching all morning if there is a way to actually do this.


  8. Ole Visby

    Hi there!
    Thanks for an invaluable blog!

    In macOS Sierra, is there still a utility named Audio MIDI setup?

    Best regards, Ole

    1. Ole Visby

      Re: comment above: found it! Please disregard… :-/

  9. Timo de Groot

    Thanks for the great tutorial! Just what I needed!

    However, I can’t seem to make this work in Ableton Live with Finale. I record armed all tracks inside Live, as you’ve explained for Logic. Then I routed the different tracks to the same channels as in Finale and selected MIDI from IAC Driver Bus 1. But I don’t hear any sound. Also tried changing MIDI from to ‘All Ins’ and Channel to ‘All Channels’ and Monitor to ‘In’.

    Any idea how to fix this?

  10. Maxim Moston

    Dying to try this out! Thanks for the post.
    One question- I have a large orchestra Dorico chart and have set up 2 IAC drivers. I’d like to put the strings on the second driver. How do I set this up in Logic? It’s only offering me choices of MIDI channels 1-16.
    If I can get this to work, you will have made my life much richer. Thanks in advance for that.

  11. John Thomas

    Great posting this.!Thanks. Quite a few midi notes get stuck now. Probably need to change some settings here to deal with that.

  12. Thorny Staples

    Your instructions were very easy to follow. Thanks!

    I got this to work but I am getting a huge amount of static when I play it. Here is my set up:

    – I am on a early 2015 Macpro laptop with 16 gig of memory, running macOS 10.14.5
    – Using Logic 10.4.8 and Finale 26.2.1
    – The piece I am working with has 8 tracks, using Vienna Instruments Syncron player on all 8
    – I am using a BTS Pro bluetooth headset, but get the same result on other wired headsets

    When I look at memory and CPU, nothing looks stressed. I have the same piece working in Logic, using an export of the midi from Finale, but I cannot do much with it. If I can get rid of this static, I think that this would be the perfect workflow for me.

    I do have one additional question. If I can get this to work, how to I get an audio export of it out? Will the Finale export work correctly, or do I need to do something in Logic? Thanks!


    1. Thorny

      Sorry, I just realized that when I was working on trying to get this to work, I had neglected to click the “Auto Demix by Channel” setting again when I started a new project to fix something else. When I click that box, the static is gone but now the voices are screwed up.

      The record buttons are all set to be on but some have a red R but not red background, others have a white R and a red background. The ones with the red backgrounds are making the right sounds, no static, but the others are not sounding at all. As I click around and try to get them all on, they keep changing but different patterns of the 5 that are on result and I can never get all 8 on at the same time.

      My Logic knowledge is not good but I will keep trying until I get it and will add a comment if I figure it out!

      1. Thorny Staples

        The trick was increasing the I/O buffer size in the Audio preferences. Everything works great now.

        1. Philip Rothman

          Terrific, thanks, Thorny for working this out and reporting back!

  13. Paul Gavin

    Hi Philip, this information has made a tremendous difference for me, thank you! I am having one problem though – when I play my MIDI keyboard, the 1st VST instrument in Logic always plays, even if I don’t have it selected. Do you have any idea what might be the problem?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Hi Paul, I’m glad you got it (almost) working! Without seeing exactly what’s going on, it’s hard to say. Perhaps a little trial and error will solve it?

  14. James

    Hi, I am running Sibelius 7, im using ewqlso for the bulk of my playback and then some logic sounds as well, everything works great in playback, but when I export to aiff/mp3 the logic sounds are not in the aiff file? It says: some of the devices in the chosen playback config are not virtual instruments. only those staves set to playback via virtual instruments will be exported. Is there a way to turn logic playback into a virtual instrument so it will export ewqlso sounds and logic sounds all together for a final copy in the mp3? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  15. Andrew Drannon

    Thanks so much for this article, it was such a gamechanger.

    I ran into a tiny quirk and wanted to report back for anyone who runs into a similar problem:

    In Logic you have to specify the channel number WITHIN THE VST itself as well as the channel strip, or it won’t play back correctly. For most of the built in plugins this seems to route automatically, but for something like Kontakt you have to specify it within the VST.

    I had thought that once it hit the channel strip it would go straight into the VST’s first channel but this isn’t the case.

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