New Sibelius 7.5 video tutorial series available


Avid is creating a new video tutorial series to help users start working with Sibelius 7.5. Entitled, appropriately enough, “Get Started Fast with Avid Sibelius 7.5”, the five-part series is designed mostly for those new to Sibelius.

Lesson 2 of the series, “Score setup and navigation”, was posted online yesterday. It includes a look at Sibelius 7.5’s new Timeline feature as well as more the familiar ways of getting around of the program that are common to Sibelius 7, like the Ribbon:


Yes, that’s my voice on the video, and I’ll be making the rest of the tutorials, too. The first lesson focused on the fundamentals of note entry, and on basic copy and paste operations. Lesson 3 will cover items you’ll find in the Notations and Text tabs. In the final two lessons, I’ll review transposing, playback, video, parts, printing, and the new exporting and sharing features in Sibelius 7.5.

Avid has said that Sibelius 7.5 will be available worldwide later this month, although a specific date has not yet been announced. You can find a comprehensive review of Sibelius 7.5’s new features elsewhere on this blog.

Even if you’re using Sibelius already, if you have 15 minutes a week to spare, you may well find a few useful nuggets in the tutorials — so why not have a look? The videos are rolling out every Thursday for the remainder of this month, and you can find the entire series directly on Avid’s web site.


  1. Ron Puente

    Why does Sibelius Sounds 7 have to load every time I want to play my work? Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do something to avoid this? Appreciate any feedback you provide. Thank you in advance. Ron P.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Hi Ron, the sounds shouldn’t be loading literally every time you play. The sounds will typically load when you first open a score, or if you switch from one score to another.

      Are the sounds loading every time before you playback while working in the same file?

  2. Ron Puente

    You are the man! The sounds load up only when I open a score, not every time I play. I guess when you save your work this does not include the Sibelius Sounds. Thank for your help. Ron

    1. Philip Rothman

      Great! Here’s a tip: If the sounds are loading slowly on your computer, under Play > Setup > Configuration, try switching to “General MIDI (basic)”. Then you can switch to the “Sibelius 7 Sounds” configuration only when you want to use those sounds.

  3. Marc Marti

    i haven’t money for buy Sibelius 7. i live in Argentina. Do you can help me?
    My facebook in Marc Marti.

  4. sAM

    sounds sibelius 6 in sibleius 7.5???

  5. romano

    Hi Philip,
    first of all – your blog about Sibelius it’s a very smart idea. I trust other composers regarding music soft.
    My basic suggestion is: show please in video material how to external instruments in Sibelius – external means: software (AU, VSTi etc) or hardware (so, MIDI addresses). Is it possible to MIX many instruments?

    In my honest opinion, native library of Avid Sibelius 7, especially Strings, are ridiculous… :) Of course, I’m understanding that Sibelius is a notation app, not a sequencer. But, I want use ReWire function in Sibelius for writing of orchestra parts when I work in Nuendo or Logic Pro x sequencer.
    Anyway, the function of playback in Sibelius (including MIDI addressing) is not “intuitive”.

    1. Philip Rothman

  6. itzhak yaron

    Hi Mark
    Superb 7.5 tutorials . really simple and hands on. BUT you need to make it easy for people to search and access. I accidentally searched on uTube then when went to blog search was not coming up. this work is very valuable but not accessible. do you have other tutorials?
    I would have liked to have one that deals with sound sets Jonathan’s project and setting up virtual orchestras on slave computers etc.
    practical how the pros are setting their systems.
    I use the VEPro 5 with one PC as slave to mac and it is spreading the load.

  7. Catherine O'Brien

    I’m a lyricist and songwriter trying to learn Sibelius to do charts for the songs and charts. A few things get me stuck. I use a Mac. Are you able to help me when I get stuck?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Catherine, this is not an official Sibelius blog. For support, visit Avid’s help page or the user forum.

  8. Catherine O'Brien

    I’ve written a chart in 3/4 and added lyrics 3 verses. It’s one of my own compositions. It might be better in 6/8. Is there a way to transpose the tempo throughout?

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