LeRoy early music fonts for Sibelius



Sibelius user and early music expert Steve Horn has been working for many months on a suite of new music and text fonts, together with Sibelius manuscript paper templates and house styles, that make it possible to produce beautifully authentic scores in the style of the early printed music of Adrian (or Adrien) Le Roy, Robert Ballard, Thomas Campian and others, dating back to the 16th century.

He’s written a detailed user guide with instructions for how to get the fonts and manuscript papers installed, and how to handle complexities like rhythms in lute tab, diapasons, bourdons, and so on. This project has been a real labour of love, which makes it all the more remarkable that Steve has decided to make his creation free for all Sibelius users to use if they wish.

Steve announced his project on the forum at Sibelius.com, and you can download the current version here.


  1. Julien

    Anyone knows where I can find the package? The link posted on the blog doesn’t work anymore.

    1. Gregorio


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