Learn Sibelius 6 in one hour


My friend and former colleague James Humberstone is a teacher at MLC School in Sydney. Among his many achievements in the decade he worked at Sibelius (he provided the UK voice over in Groovy Music City, fact fans!) was setting up the Sibelius Training Partners programme in Australia. There are now dozens of registered STPs in Australia, training hundreds of musicians and educators how to use Sibelius across Australia every year.

So James is an ideal person to put together a series of video tutorials about Sibelius 6, and he has created a series of twelve videos with a total running time of one hour that will make an excellent alternative or companion to the new projects in the Sibelius 6 Handbook.

The twelve videos cover the following topics:

Thanks for creating these videos, James! They may have been created for your students, but I know hundreds of Sibelius users around the world will appreciate them.


  1. Kevin Kern

    I’ve been a loyal Sibelius user ever since I discovered it at the NAMM show some years ago. Based on the tutorial videos I’ve been watching, Sibelius s6 appears to be something remarkable. Of particular interest to the blind community of which I am a member, is the idea of Magnetic Layout. Near as I can tell, it seems to address the one thing we blind users have been dying for, the ability to have Sibelius automatically move dynamics out of the way of other staff and system objects to compensate for our inability to do so ourselves.
    Bravo Sibelius.
    Kevin Kern

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