1. James Gilbert

    I was surprise to run across a link to my own article from 9 years ago. Things have changed so much since 2011 that I removed the video and have since moved my blog to my own website so none of the links work. (See for my current blog)

    What works now in 2020? For Finale users there is an option to export in EPUB format. For Sibelius users I would export a PDF file of a piece formatted without any white space in the margins. Then use Kindle Create (from Amazon) to create the kindle book.

    I think back in 2011 we were all excited to be able to get our music onto the Kindle and more importantly Amazon, but let’s face it, reading music on a Kindle device (other than the 9-inch DX) is very difficult if the music is traditionally formatted. To get a good (large enough) view on the Kindle, you end up with 2 or 3 measures per system and maybe 2 or 3 systems per page. That’s a lot of page turning. I gave up on music for the Kindle within a few years of this article. The handful of pieces I did put on Kindle are still there and I might make $5 or $6 a year.

    Personally I only buy digital music if it is in PDF format and can be downloaded to my iPad or computer with no DRM restrictions or proprietary apps/software needed in order to view my purchased music. I rarely buy printed (paper) music.

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