How to connect Sibelius to Logic via ReWire


My good friend Philip Rothman at NYC Music Services has been creating a number of tutorial videos about Sibelius and Finale and posting them at YouTube.

Philip is an expert user of both Sibelius and Finale, and has some valuable tips to share. The video above shows how to synchronise Sibelius’s playback with Logic Pro via ReWire. Other videos available at the time of writing show off instrument changes, vertical text (though he uses an unorthodox method: I would suggest adjusting the Angle parameter for a particular text style), and copying and pasting dynamics efficiently. Check them out — you’ll certainly find them useful.


  1. John Hinchey

    Regarding the vertical text, yes you can use the angle parameter in Edit Text Styles but Phil’s work around will allow you to adjust the angle in the score, so if you want it at some angle other that 90º you can adjust it on a case by case basis, very clever!

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