Creating music flashcards with Sibelius


Katie Wardrobe (@katiesw1 on Twitter) is a wonderful educator and a music technology expert based in Australia. She worked for Sibelius for a while, before striking out on her own as a music technology consultant through her business Midnight Music.

Now she has started a new blog, Music Tech Tips, and she promises to add lots of useful content in the coming weeks. She told me:

Although the blog will feature tutorials and news about a range of software applications, not surprisingly a decent number of them will be about Sibelius. I’ve started off with a couple of videos about creating flashcards by copying melodies and rhythms into Word and will be adding others in the near future. My aim is to create video tutorials that are particularly useful for classroom and instrumental teachers! They’ll be short too – around 5 minutes at the most – so that teachers can fit them into a quick coffee break.

True to her word, Katie has got off to a great start, with two short video tutorials for creating flashcards with Sibelius. I’ve embedded the first one at the top of this post, but you can find both of them from Katie’s blog or at Vimeo:

Well done, Katie! I’m looking forward to more tutorials from your blog in the future!


  1. Jeffrey Pettijohn

    OMG!! How much do I love you?!! I have had so many ideas for flashcards but had no idea how to make them. Thank you so much. Also, A piano teaching friend and I are working on a revolutionary new way to teach piano and need this so much and have been settling for “work-arounds”. I can’t thank you enough. Would you be so kind as to tell me where, in the drop down lists, I would find the “Alt-G” short-cut, please.

    Thank you again,

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