Corralling clefs in Finale


This video series is part of Conquering Finale, a regular feature on Scoring Notes, with new installments released periodically.

Corralling clefs

Lesson 1

A basic look at how to use the Clef Tool in Finale. Mid-measure clef changes and clef after barline are also covered.

Lesson 2

Customize the look of your clef’s position, font and spacing. Also covered is The Clef Designer, which will allow you to make your own custom clefs.

Listen to the podcast episode

On the Scoring Notes podcast, David MacDonald and Philip Rothman talk with Jason Loffredo about preparing music for the world of musical theatre and his Conquering Finale video tutorial series, which can help you better master that sophisticated software, whether you’re a new or long-time user. Listen now:

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Scoring Notes
Conquering Finale with Jason Loffredo


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