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Have you ever encountered a situation in Finale where you knew that you had a phantom tie going into a note where none was supposed to exist, or vice versa? Or the tied note wasn’t playing back correctly? This can happen on system breaks in certain situations.

These ties aren’t supposed to be there

The solution is a utility called Check Ties. In this two-minute video tutorial, I’ll demonstrate the problem and how to fix it. I made the video nearly four years ago, but it’s still just as relevant now.

One note: If running Check Ties doesn’t work in your file, toggle Document > Display Score in Concert Pitch and run it again.

A transcript follows.


Sometimes, when copying and pasting music in Finale, the properties of ties and accidentals will get confused. In some cases, an accidental won’t show when it should, or sometimes the ties won’t play back properly.

In this particular case, we have a double whammy, where there’s a backwards tie that only displays at the start of a system, when in fact there shouldn’t actually be a tie there at all. Moreover, there is actually an accidental here that should be displayed but isn’t currently showing.

The solution to getting these items to display correctly is to run Check Ties, located in Utilities Check Notation. In Finale 2012 or earlier, you’ll also want to run Check Accidentals. (In Finale 2014 [and later], Check Accidentals no longer exists because it has been subsumed into Check Ties.)

Simply run Check Ties, and your problem should be fixed. If you’re using 2012 or earlier, like I am here, you’ll need to run Check Accidentals after running Check Ties.

In the rare event that running Check Ties doesn’t solve the issue, you can access the semi-secret Edit Frame dialog by going to the Speedy Entry tool and Option-clicking the measure in question. Under Attributes, uncheck Tie End, and that should take care of it. You’ll still need to run Check Accidentals if there’s a problem with accidentals.

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