Be wise, resize, in Finale


This video series is part of Conquering Finale, a regular feature on Scoring Notes, with new installments released periodically.


Be wise, resize

Lesson 1 (basic): The Resize Tool and the Basics of Scaling

Resizing things in Finale can be done in two ways: first, you can simply change the font size of pretty much anything in your file; but, Finale also provides a way to rescale (by percentage) either noteheads, notes, staves, systems, or pages. This video will explore the basics of rescaling in this manner using the Resize Tool and a couple of other tools available for noteheads and notes specifically.

JW Plug-ins at Notation Central

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:22 Resizing with Font Sizes
  • 2:45 Rescaling with the Resize Tool
  • 5:05 Resizing Noteheads and Notes
  • 9:02 Resizing Staves
  • 11:19 Resizing Systems
  • 13:03 Resizing Pages
  • 14:54 Final Thoughts

Lesson 2 (intermediate): What Gets Scaled When

When you use the Resize Tool (or other methods) to resize noteheads, notes, staves, systems, or pages, there are items that get attached to those things that also get resized. Knowing what items get resized when you resize at any of those levels will go a long way in understanding sizing and scaling in Finale.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:47 Items Attached to Noteheads
  • 1:24 Items Attached to Notes
  • 2:51 Special Circumstances for Expressions
  • 7:03 Items Attached to Staves
  • 9:43 Items Attached to Systems
  • 11:01 Items Attached to Pages
  • 13:15 Summary

Lesson 3 (intermediate): Other Things That Can Be Resized

There are a few things in Finale that can be resized in unique ways. In this video, I’ll look at how you could deal with resizing Accidentals (0:16), Mid-Measure Clefs (2:42), Grace Notes (4:11), Lyrics (5:24), and Chords and Fretboards (9:04). Chords are particularly tricky due to a flaw in how Finale rescales them from the Document Options, so I’ll explain what’s going on and then show you the unfortunately long way around the problem.

JW Plug-ins at Notation Central

Lesson 4 (advanced): Fixed Sized Text

(Lesson 6 from Tackling the text tool series)

The confusion about when to use non-fixed-sized text or fixed-sized text can be easily cleared up once you understand how text scaling interacts with everything else (Page, System, Staff, Notes, Noteheads) that can be scaled in Finale. So this video provides some valuable information about this relationship as well as some practical applications for fixed and non-fixed sized texts.

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