Bach harpsichord concerto revived with a little help from PhotoScore and Sibelius

Daniel Pyle, Michael Bauer, Peter DeWitt rehearsing the concerto (courtesy Rich Nuckolls)

Sibelius user Wheat Williams got in touch with me to tell me about an interesting and worthwhile project that he worked on through last Autumn, producing a new edition of Bach’s Triple Harpsichord Concerto in C (BWV 1064) for the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra to perform. Working from a blurry PDF of a late 19th century edition, Wheat used PhotoScore and Sibelius to prepare a full score and set of instrumental parts ready for a performance in November 2010.

Wheat has taken the time to write up the whole process of preparing the score, from locating an original source through editing in PhotoScore through producing the final score in Sibelius. Although I certainly wouldn’t endorse all of his working practices (in particular his approach to a so-called “cross-staff beaming” passage is iffy: it would have been much easier to hide the rests in the left-hand staff and enter the music in voice 2 on the right-hand staff), there are lots of useful tips about how to find and scan scores.

You can even download the complete edition, and listen to a live recording of the ABO’s performance of the final movement of this beautiful work. Check it out!


  1. RA Moulds

    Ooh, err…I’m always looking for notational helps, but I’m afraid I agree with you about the “cross-staff beaming” thing as described. It seems very awkward. I’m also surprised that it was necessary to go to IMSLP…the Breitkopf and Hartel score is readily available from Dover…or at least it WAS when I bought it, and it isn’t a “blurry PDF”, either. Hmmm…

  2. Wheat Williams

    Thanks for the coverage. As far as “notational helps” my chief purpose was to write about the use of scanning, and the relationship between Neuratron PhotoScore and Sibelius. PhotoScore is very important to my work with Sibelius and I hope to see it improved and further developed.

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