Using third party virtual instruments with Sibelius


Sibelius user John Glossenger got in touch with me to share his tips for using third party VST and Audio Units virtual instruments with Sibelius. He says:

Before I moved to Sibelius (from SONAR), I created about 2,000 presets for my various VSTs, such as Absynth, Pro53 and FM8. I ran into some problems while trying to use those VST presets in Sibelius. I wanted to use my VSTs quickly, without doing the official procedure, such as creating sound sets.

So I fumbled my way through the process, and learned a few things, and I thought I’d share my insights with the Sibelius community.

Read John’s tips here.


  1. Kevin Gibbs

    I’m absolutely thrilled to read this tip on using 3rd party VSTs with Sibelius. I’m currently using Sib 5.25 and Vienna Instruments’ Solo Strings to write my first string quartet. I’m one of those blind users who have benefited tremendously from Dan Rugman’s Sibelius Access plugin for 5.25. However, I might be convinced to upgrade to Sibelius 6 and use my failing vision to compose if I can figure out how to use my Appassionatas without having to find a soundset for them.This would definitely be an option if I can have both 5.25 and 6 in fully operational mode on one and the same machineXP machine.
    You guys continue to blow me away every day.

  2. John Glossenger

    In response to Kevin Gibbs …

    I think Sibelius introduced VST support in version 5, so you may not need to upgrade to version 6. Just to be clear … I’m glad I upgraded to version 6, but it wasn’t because of VST support.

  3. Robert Ceely

    A message for Kevin Gibbs.
    Hi Kevin. Long time no see or hear. Hope you are well
    Let me know what is up.

  4. Paul Smith

    Link reads This site can’t be reached
    Any updates?

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