Use your iPad as an external display for Sibelius

Air Display extends your Mac or PC's display onto your iPad (courtesy johanhalin on Flickr)

I’ve posted before about handy apps for your iPhone or iPad that can make you more productive with Sibelius, and here’s another. Thanks go to Sibelius user Koen Vits for this tip:

I recently discovered something neat for iOS users (iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches). You can download an app called Air Display to use your iOS device as an external display. It also works with multi-touch, so I dragged the Sibelius mixer, the playback window and so on onto the secondary screen and now I can just ‘tap’ on play, or in the mixer! Very handy!

Air Display is available in the iTunes store.


  1. Stephen Dahl

    ALSO NOTE, if you download NUMPAD ($3.99) for iPad, you can use the Sibelius skin to make music on your iMac. Many Apple computers come with keyboards which lack the number pad, a quintessential inputter for SIBELIUS. Don’t think you can use ’em both at the same time, tho’.

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