Use the Bravura font in Logic Pro X


Do you like the Bravura font, available for free from Steinberg? Me too.

I like it well enough that, with a great deal of help from my colleague Matthew Maslanka and many other contributors, I made a Sibelius-compatible version of it called Norfolk. If you stop by here regularly, you probably already knew that (and maybe have even downloaded Norfolk from Notation Central, the NYC Music Services marketplace).

Among the growing list of programs capable of using Bravura is MuseScore, and, of course, the StaffPad music notation app for iPad and Windows-based pen-and-touch tablets that incorporates handwriting recognition.

You may have even noticed that the font’s creator, Daniel Spreadbury, mentioned in our interview that Logic Pro X can use Bravura. With all the other goodies in that interview, though, it was easy to overlook that tidbit.

Using Bravura in Logic Pro X is easy:

  • First, download Bravura and install it on your computer.
  • Open Logic.
  • Open a file with which you would like to use Bravura.
  • Go to File > Project Settings > Score… and click Global.
  • Choose “Bravura” in the Symbol Font area.
  • Check Font specific spacing and positioning.


That’s it! Now, Logic’s notation features aren’t quite as sophisticated as those that the dedicated notation programs can offer, although Logic Pro X was a welcome improvement over previous versions in this regard. If you regularly mock-up scores in Logic and take advantage of its notation features, you can now enjoy the benefits of Bravura.



  1. Urs Bollhalder

    Somehow I only can choose internal. All the other fonts (including Bravura) are greyed-out. Am I missing something? Help’d be appreciated. Greetings U

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