Transformations plug-ins in Sibelius 6 help develop ideas

James's shortcuts for Sibelius 6's Transformations plug-ins
James's shortcuts for Sibelius 6's Transformations plug-ins

Sibelius 6 is so chock-full of new features that it’s easy for some to be overlooked (hence my little things series), but thanks to my pal, the lovely and talented James Humberstone, some more hidden gems are coming to light.

Together with James and plug-in developer extraordinaire Bob Zawalich, we added a suite of plug-ins to Sibelius that perform interesting and useful melodic and rhythmic transformations, such as rotating or shuffling (randomising) rhythms and pitches, augmenting and diminishing intervals, and so on.

James has put together a series of video lessons that puts the use of these plug-ins into the context of learning to compose. Read all about the thinking behind the lessons at James’s blog, or jump into the lessons themselves.

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