Tip: Use Notes > Re-input Pitches to save time


I’ve linked to Dr. Tom Rudolph’s blog before, but Tom’s most recent post is definitely worth a fresh link. He talks about the benefits of using the re-pitching features in your notation software to save time when creating parts:

If you use notation software to notate scores, consider using the re-input pitch option available in both Finale and Sibelius to save time. In my courses and workshops, I find that one of the most under used features of Sibelius and Finale is the re-pitch or re-input pitch option. This feature appeared on an early version of Sibelius and was then introduced later in Finale. It is a great time saver when notating parts especially when writing for band, jazz, string and choral scores where two or more instruments or voices have the same rhythm but different pitches.

Read the whole article here.

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