The big list of plug-ins


plug-inWould you believe that there are 500 plug-ins available for download from the Sibelius web site (or, in Sibelius 7 and higher, directly from within the program)? That doesn’t even include the plug-ins that ship with Sibelius or those available from third-party sites.

I don’t have all 500 of them, but I’ve got a good several hundred, and they have saved me so much time over years of working in Sibelius. Regular readers know that we cover new and updated plug-ins regularly around here, but what if you want to discover them on your own?

It isn’t exactly easy to find what you’re looking for right now, and that discourages even many advanced users from diving deep into the plug-in pool. Hopefully in the future, plug-ins can be made more easily discoverable; adding tags to plug-ins would be a good start, if, for instance, you wanted to find all plug-ins related to “jazz” or “lyrics”. An app store for plug-ins and other add-ons might also encourage greater use (not to mention a means of compensation for the developers).

Until then, we’ve taken a modest step forward by making a comprehensive list of all Sibelius plug-ins that are available from the Sibelius download page or through Sibelius 7 or higher. As usual, the lion’s share of this effort belongs to Bob Zawalich, who, of course, is responsible for developing the majority of plug-ins that are available.

The list is sortable by name, developer, and category, and you can do a live search as well by typing at the upper-right corner of the table. We’ll try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. I’ve also added a link on the blog’s sidebar (“List of Sibelius Plug-ins”) so that the list is always a click away on any page of the blog.

Thanks to Bob for putting this list together and for allowing me to host it here.

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  1. Bob Zawalich

    Many thanks for hosting the list and making it more accessible, Philip. The ability to sort by different fields, like Category should make it at least a little easier to find plugins.

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