Sibelius 7’s Mixer secret finally revealed

Courtesy marcmo on Flickr

While we were working on Sibelius 7.0.3, one of the things we spent a lot of time on was optimizing the new Mixer’s drawing performance. To put the Mixer through a torture test, we added our own version of the Vegas mode diagnostic option that’s been part of Avid’s hardware consoles for years now. And it looked so cool, we left it in when we shipped the new version.

To start Vegas mode in the Sibelius Mixer, open up a score with a bunch of staves (though not too many: around a dozen is a good number) and use the column of buttons at the left-hand side of the Mixer to show all the various different types of strips, and, for the full effect, click the button to resize the Mixer such that it’s at its tallest.

Now click four or five times quickly inside the CPU meter, as shown on the right. It’ll probably take you a few tries before it works, but persevere. To stop Vegas mode, click in the CPU meter once.



  1. Wheat Williams

    This is some sort of “Easter egg”?

  2. Hannes Vanlancker

    Works fine! Looks really cool! Thanks!

  3. Peter Roos

    Ha ha – cool. I believe that the Vegas Mode was designed to test C24 hardware as a quick check whether all motorized sliders and lights are working, for a software based interface it doesn’t make much sense but it is fun.

    A somewhat related question: is it possible to adjust the fallback time of the VU meters (or to keep peek value for a short period of time)?

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