Respace bars with clef changes


Bob Zawalich has created so many useful plug-ins over the years, so it’s entirely possible to have overlooked one on occasion, like the no-nonsense Respace Clef Change. This handy tool ameliorates the curious situation in which Sibelius stubbornly leaves too much space in bars that contain one or more clef changes:

In Bob’s words:

For all staves, for any bar that contains a clef change, the plugin hides the clef changes, then respaces the bar in all staves, then makes the clef change visible.

You may want to run it separately on the full score and in parts. I recommend running it on the full score first.

After running the plug-in, the result is much more pleasing:

Respace Clef Change is available for download for Sibelius 6 & 7; you can also download it directly through Sibelius 7 from File>Plug-ins>Install Plugins>Engravers’ Tools.


  1. Clarke Isackson

    Wow! Thanks for this blog. This has been a real format problem until I see how you contend with it.

  2. Bob Zawalich

    There are a fair number of plugins that are small-scale and deal with specific formatting problems, and this is one of them.

    This simply automates what worked when doing it by hand. The advantage of having a plugin for it appears when you harve scores with lots of staves, because you have to hide the clef change in each staff before respacing is effective, and that gets tiresome pretty quickly.

    Thanks for raising the visibility of the, Philip – even I had forgotten about it!

  3. Matthew Maslanka

    This is fantastic! I have been doing this manually for years and never considered that there might be a plugin for it. Well done! Thanks for pointing it out.

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