Quick fix: Clean up the list of recent documents in Sibelius


Upon opening Sibelius or starting new score, you’re generally presented with the Quick Start interface. One of the tabs in that interface is the Recent tab, from which you can select scores you’ve worked on today, this week, this month, or further back than that.

In time, Sibelius can get confused and either display scores that you haven’t worked on in a while, or omit scores that should rightfully appear.

The same problem can happen in File > Recent, where a list of recent documents and recent places appear.

Fortunately, this is where you can correct the problem by clicking the Clear Recent Documents button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll lose the history of any documents and places currently in the list, but if they were inaccurate already, then it’s probably better to start over anyway.

Quit Sibelius and re-launch it for this to fully take effect in the Quick Start dialog as well as in the File > Recent list.


  1. John Hinchey

    Great tip, thanks!

  2. Derek Williams

    Thanks for the tip Philip! I remain mystified why Sibelius isn’t able to sort recent files correctly by date, and why it randomly omits scores I only just worked on, often placing older scores there instead. I don’t trust it even to get the right version, and unless there is only one score of a given name, and it’s the only one showing, I never use Recent Scores to open a score.

    1. Philip Rothman

      I agree, Derek – it’s a mystery. If the feature was more reliable, it could be very useful.

  3. Carol Phillips

    I find that it doesn’t like to list a score that I “saved as”, such as a template score, or if it is buried in a folder, which most of my scores are in folders as I have many versions (vocal ranges, different instrumentation, etc.) of songs. The only time I get a correct Quick Start listing is right after I close a score! If I close Sibelius and open it again (to reboot with the midi connected), the Quick Start is wrong again! Thus I rarely use Quick Start.

  4. Alisdair MacRae Birch

    Just to add, in case others find this useful:

    1/ You can pin the documents that you want to keep in the list, then click Clear Recent Documents, which will clear all but the pinned documents.

    2/ Sibelius stores the recent document information in the following location:


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