Prevent the Timeline from automatically appearing in Sibelius


Sibelius’s Timeline can be a useful navigational aid in your score. But if you have limited screen space, or just don’t find it all that useful, you can easily switch it off by clicking on the “X” on the Timeline window, or unchecking View > Panels > Timeline.

To prevent the Timeline from appearing on each and every score you open henceforth, first, be certain that it is not showing. You might also modify the window of your current score to a size and position on the screen with which you often work.

Then, go to File > Preferences > Files.

Under Window Sizes and Positions, click the radio buttons for Open to custom size and position under both “When starting a new score or opening a score for the first time” and “When re-opening an existing score” and then click the Set Custom Size and Position button.


The message “Custom sizes set” will appear. Click OK to exit the dialog.

You should find that any scores you open no longer automatically show the Timeline, and as a consequence of these settings, scores will open at the size and position of your current score window.


  1. Rinaldo

    This would be a welcome idea (I never seem to need Timeline and would prefer it not to appear), but it doesn’t work for me.

    First, Preferences is under the Sibelius menu for me, not Files, but that’s a minor matter.

    Then when I do open Preferences > Files, my dialog box doesn’t look like this. Under “When starting a new score…” the “Open to custom size…” option is grayed out and not available. And under “When re-opening…” it does not appear at all (i.e., there is only the one radio button to “choose”).

    Did Sibelius 7.5.1 decide to remove these options? Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way for me never to see Timeline?

    1. Philip Rothman

      In this case, just click the Set Custom Size and Position button.

      1. Rinaldo

        Where is that button to be found? (Not on the Preferences > Files window.)

        1. Philip Rothman

          That’s exactly where it is, in the “Window Sizes and Positions” section, down at the bottom. See the screenshot.

          1. Rinaldo

            Is there a way for me to share a screenshot to show that mine doesn’t have it?

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