Plug-in tip: Dotted Minim Rests


If you ever work in 12/8 time, you may have discovered that there is no default way to tell Sibelius to group the “macro” beats 1 & 2, or 3 & 4, into a single dotted half (dotted minim) rest.

Enter Michael Eastwood’s plug-in, which does one thing, and does it well:

Dotted Minim Rests only operates in 12/8, looking for any sequence of rests on the first or third beats of the bar and turning them into a single dotted minim rest. The plug-in will thus convert two dotted crotchet rests into a single dotted minim rest, a convention that some people prefer.

In other words, it turns all instances of this:

beforeinto this:


If you can live with seeing the defaults until you finalize your score, you can run the plug-in once near the end of your workflow, and it will work in all appropriate instances.

You can download it here or directly though Sibelius: File > Plug-ins > Install Plug-ins > Notes and Rests > Dotted Minim Rests.


  1. Robert Puff

    Very helpful, thanks. Sometimes, rather than consolidating rests, you want them to show beat groupings more clearly. For instance, in a bar of 3/8, you might want to show two 8th rests rather than a quarter rest, or in 4/4 show a quarter rest followed by a half rest or visa versa to properly divide the bar and show the beat groupings.

    For this, you can use Bob Zawalich’s Divide Durations plugin, which handles both notes and rests.

    Found here:


  2. Clarke Isackson

    This is a great help. I had to copy and paste in order to obtain the simplified view. This will be a great aid – thank you.

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