NumPad 3.0 for iPhone supports all six Sibelius Keypad layouts


Back in November of last year, I blogged about edovia’s NumPad 2.0 app for iPhone, which included a dedicated Sibelius Keypad layout. This morning I received another email from developer Luc Vandal to let me know that NumPad 3.0 has just been released on the App Store, and the support for Sibelius has been further improved in this version with the addition of the other five Keypad layouts. So you can now access all of Sibelius’s note input features directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

It works really well in practice: you can swipe your finger from side to side to change Keypad layouts, and the on-screen Keypad in Sibelius keeps up. You can even run NumPad with your iPhone or iPod Touch plugged into your Mac or PC via USB, and if you find the USB cable gets in the way, you can rotate the iPhone through 180 degrees so that the USB cable comes out of the top of the device rather than the bottom.

If you have a laptop, or perhaps one of those new-fangled wireless Mac keyboards without a numeric keypad, NumPad 3.0 could represent a substantial improvement in your productivity, and at $2.99 in the US App Store (£1.19 in the UK App Store) it won’t break the bank.


  1. David O'Rourke

    This is great news and will be very useful on these Mac keyboards!

  2. Matt Erion

    Aw man! I bought 2.0 last Friday. Nertz!

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      I think the update is free for existing users… Check your App Store app for an update.

  3. Luc Vandal

    Absolutely. 3.0 is a free update! :)

  4. Patrick

    Why don’t they make it free with Sibelius 6?

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Two reasons: firstly, it’s a product produced by a third-party company, Edovia; and secondly, there’s no good way of giving away an iPhone application for free to users of a different desktop application without giving away the application for free to everybody.

  5. Chris

    Trying to charge me $30.99 AUD for the sibelius keyboard. Sounds like a good productivity tweak, but that’s a pretty steep price.

  6. tom

    not available in europe
    that really sucks

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