Flow lyrics into Sibelius in a single step

Picture courtesy megan.barton on Flickr

Back in June I wrote a short series of posts about lyrics in Sibelius. In the first of those posts I wrote about Sibelius’s unique feature that allows you to flow lyrics from a text file directly into your score in a single operation.

Now Dr Tom Rudolph has dedicated a post on his Making the Most of Notation Software blog at BerkleeMusic.com, calling it an “amazing feature.” He says:

Even if there are some minor edits, this is a time saver for songwriters and composers/arrangers who deal with choral and vocal music.

Check out Tom’s blog for more tips on using Sibelius more effectively.


  1. Dev

    That is the great idea for the writers.

    1. Kaka

      Yes you’re absolutely right.

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