Find redundant arco and pizzicato markings in Sibelius


It’s been a busy month here at NYC Music Services, so every minute saved is precious. Here’s a quick tip that has saved me many minutes of work on many scores, and saved many minutes of rehearsal time. I figured, why not use a few of those minutes to share this tip with Scoring Notes readers?

The Check Pizzicatos plug-in ships with Sibelius and is found in Review > Plug-ins > Proof-reading:

You can also find it by searching for it in the Ribbon:

Its sole purpose is to locate suspect arco and pizz. markings in your score. Simply make a selection and run the plug-in. There is no dialog.

In a brief moment, you will get your results:

Each instance of a redundant mark will be labeled. You will have to go through and delete the warning text and decide if the marking is either redundant or the result of not having labeled an arco or pizz. marking elsewhere in your score.

If you liked this plug-in, check out the other plug-ins in the Proof-reading category as well as some other downloadable plug-ins that will help automate the process of reviewing your score. I’ve written about a few of my favorites before — try them out!


  1. Derek Williams

    Thanks for this Phillip

    An enhancement I’d find useful would be if the suspect arco/pizz were presented in a clickable list, or at least one which showed the page number, as it can be a pain to click through all the pages in a long score to find the flagged items.

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