Certain fonts stop working in Sibelius after recent Windows update


Update – December 29, 2012
Microsoft has re-released this update to fix this problem. According to Microsoft:

The original version of security update 2753842 had an issue related to OpenType Font (OTF) rendering in applications such as PowerPoint on affected versions of Windows. This issue was resolved in the version of this security update that was rereleased on December 20, 2012.

Original post – December 19, 2012
Sibelius users on Windows have reported that their Type 1 and OpenType (OTF) fonts have recently stopped displaying in Sibelius 7. The cause of the problem appears to be the recent Windows security update KB2753842 (described as a security update for OpenType Compact Font Format).

For now, the workaround is to uninstall the security update. For more information on how to do that, see this article.

Keep in mind that uninstalling the update will leave you vulnerable to the underlying security issue. You will have to balance that risk against the inability to work with Type 1 fonts in Sibelius 7, for now.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and has stated:

We are aware of issues related to OpenType Font (OTF) rendering in applications such as PowerPoint on affected versions of Windows that occur after this security update is applied. We are currently investigating these issues and will take appropriate action to address the known issues.

Hopefully, the issue will be resolved in due course.


  1. Mimi Mansky

    Regarding the inability to use certain fonts; as long as Sibelius will keep on working, this is all that matters!


  2. Jeff Wraight

    Hi Guys. Is this related to aproblem that I’ve just stumbled upon? If I Zoom above 50% I lose Stave Brackets & Instrument names. Also above 200% (not that I do it often) all the note heads disappear.

  3. Jeff Wraight

    Soory I forgot – I’m using XP!!!

  4. Jeff Wraight

    I beg your pardon – I meant ‘Braces’ – the brackets are not affected. I have just checked my Sib 7 on my Windows 7 computer (which I haven’t done the new update on.) All is fine. So is it the 7.3 update or Windows XP that is the problem?
    Any ideas out there. Cheers Jeff.

  5. Jeff Wraight

    Ok – I restored my XP ‘puter to before the Sib 7.3 update – back to 7.1. Problem exists so this must be to do with the Windows update. As it’s not too much of a problem at the moment I think I’ll sit tight & see what happens. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has the same problem though. Best wishes. Jeff Wraight

  6. Martin P Kellogg

    Microsoft has released a (hopefully) fixed update. Start>control panel>all control panel items>windows update to get the fix.

  7. Jeff Wraight

    Hi Martin,

    That seems to have done the trick. Many thanks for your quick response & best wishes.

    Jeff Wraight

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