Sibelius is a cog in The Listening Machine

The Listening Machine is an ambitious project to generate automatically a continuous stream of music based on the activities of 500 Twitter users in the UK, from May to September 2012.┬áThe work was commissioned by The Arts Council in the UK for The Space, a pioneering public service joint venture between the BBC and The […]

Sibelius 6 generating a lot of buzz

Since the launch of Sibelius 6 this past Tuesday, I’ve been delighted to see such an enthusiastic response to the new version. Here’s just a handful of the great coverage that our new baby has received so far: From Sound on Sound: …the main focus has been on streamlining the process of producing professional music […]

A gem from Steve Reich

Twitter really is a source of endless delight for me. World-famous composer (and Sibelius user) Steve Reich recently joined Twitter. Today, he posted the following tweet: Clapping music score Here’s a small version of the manuscript for that famous 1972 composition: Follow @SteveReich for more updates from the great man. Update 2004-04-30: So it […]

Some tweets about Sibelius

Did you know you can follow me on Twitter? (Admittedly most of my tweets are automatic notifications about new blog posts, but hey.) Twitter is great. It’s like being at a huge cocktail party, and being able to home in on individual conversations, the same way that pengiuns do (over the Antarctic wastes, rather than […]