Video tutorial: Using the Inspector in Sibelius 7

[youtube][/youtube] Check out this video tutorial by Philip Rothman of NYC Music Services, which shows you many of the powerful things you can do with the Inspector in Sibelius 7, which is the new and improved replacement for the Properties window in previous versions of Sibelius. The Inspector is much more useful than the Properties […]

Navigating around your score using plug-ins

In this guest post, Sibelius plug-in guru Bob Zawalich describes several of the plug-ins he has written to make navigating around long scores quicker and easier. Several downloadable plug-ins that make it easier to navigate in a score are available to Sibelius 6 and 7. Find these on the plug-in download page in the Navigation […]

Sibelius sings with EWQL Symphonic Choirs

In this guest post by A. Eric Heukeshoven, find out how to make Sibelius 6 sing lyrics during playback using the latest version EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs. Eric is a member of the music faculty at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, where he teaches composition, arranging, ear training, low brass, organ, and jazz piano. […]

Creating composite symbols in Sibelius

Sibelius includes many hundreds of different symbols for every purpose, but every now and again you may find yourself requiring a symbol that isn’t included. One way to create a new symbol is to combine two or more existing symbols into a new one, creating a composite symbol. In the above video tutorial, I explain […]

Learn Sibelius 6 in one hour, the ebook

My post linking to James Humberstone’s Learn Sibelius in one hour videos remains the most often-viewed post on this blog after more than 18 months. Now James has written an ebook to accompany the videos, and it’s available as a Kindle book on Amazon. Weighing in at a svelte 60 pages, James’s book covers the […]

Brazil’s Backstage magazine features Sibelius tutorials

Brazil’s Backstage magazine, the country’s most respected audio/video magazine, is running a series of Sibelius tutorials, penned by Pro Class‘s Cristiano Moura, who has been featured on this blog before. The first tutorial, in October 2010’s issue, is called “1001 ways to navigate in Sibelius”. My Portuguese isn’t good enough to count all the ways Cristiano […]

Producing effective drum parts in Sibelius

Practical advice from an expert arranger is worth its weight in gold, and my pal John Hinchey, both a talented trombonist and a successful arranger based in Nashville, is sharing his wisdom on his blog, Notes on Notes, which I commend to you. He’s currently posting an invaluable multi-part tutorial about producing effective drum charts in […]