Tom Rudolph explodes Arrange mysteries

Tom Rudolph, a guru on using music technology in education and co-author of a book about getting the most out of Sibelius, has posted some tips for using Sibelius’s powerful Arrange feature on his blog. Arrange is definitely a very sophisticated and useful tool, but it can be pretty daunting when you first get started […]

Sibelius tutorial videos for the iPhone

The Sibelius tutorials continue to come thick and fast! My friend Richard Payne, who worked with us at Sibelius for many years, contacted me today to let me know that he has devised a set of 10 tutorial videos for Sibelius 6 packaged up as an app to download from the iTunes App Store. Called […]

How to create drum notation in one minute

I’ve already linked to Katie Wardrobe’s excellent new blog, Music Tech Tips, but I couldn’t resist linking to Katie’s latest video, which is tantalisingly called The 1 minute drum part. Writing drum parts in notation software is normally pretty involved, and Katie shows you how to create a simple drum part in a matter of […]

Creating music flashcards with Sibelius

Katie Wardrobe (@katiesw1 on Twitter) is a wonderful educator and a music technology expert based in Australia. She worked for Sibelius for a while, before striking out on her own as a music technology consultant through her business Midnight Music. Now she has started a new blog, Music Tech Tips, and she promises to add […]

Using third party virtual instruments with Sibelius

Sibelius user John Glossenger got in touch with me to share his tips for using third party VST and Audio Units virtual instruments with Sibelius. He says: Before I moved to Sibelius (from SONAR), I created about 2,000 presets for my various VSTs, such as Absynth, Pro53 and FM8. I ran into some problems while […]

Using instrument changes, noteheads and layout tricks in Sibelius

Peter Kirn’s excellent blog, Create Digital Music, regularly covers Sibelius and other notation software. Peter was recently asked to speak about his use of Sibelius at the City University of New York Graduate Center, and put together a detailed tutorial that brings together a number of important tips and tricks for producing advanced layouts with […]

5 Sibelius plug-ins you should download today

Everybody loves lists, so I’m told. So here’s a list of five extra plug-ins available for download from the Sibelius web site that you should consider adding to your copy of Sibelius today. 1. Narrow Two Voices Sibelius automatically aligns notes in two voices, and when they interlock, it positions them “stem-to-stem”. Some publishers and […]