Creating composite symbols in Sibelius

Sibelius includes many hundreds of different symbols for every purpose, but every now and again you may find yourself requiring a symbol that isn’t included. One way to create a new symbol is to combine two or more existing symbols into a new one, creating a composite symbol. In the above video tutorial, I explain […]

How to enlarge symbols in Sibelius

If you need to make a symbol larger without affecting the size of the rest of the music, how do you do it? The answer lies in the House Style > Edit Symbols dialog. In the picture above, the comma symbol often used as a breath mark is shown in four sizes. Here’s how to […]

Mix and match music fonts

Sibelius includes four complete families of music fonts as standard, each of which has a slightly different look. Opus, the default music font family, has a modern look with elliptical noteheads and strong lines. Helsinki is more traditional in appearance, with rounder noteheads and finer lines. Inkpen2 and Reprise are handwritten in appearance, the former […]