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In the spirit of a “shoot-out”, please allow me a brief rejoinder to Tom Johnson’s most recent post on the Finale blog. He points out that only Finale can export SmartMusic accompaniments (quite right!) but implies also that only Finale can export MIDI files, audio files, MusicXML files, and files that can be opened in […] “Sibelius leads from the front”

Composer Kampadi Okpa has written a head-to-head comparison of Finale and Sibelius for the web site It’s a pretty detailed write-up, breaking down his impressions of both applications into a number of categories, including logic, flexibility, multimedia integration, ability as a creative aid, and customer service and support. Sibelius comes out on top in […]

Switch to Sibelius from Finale and save!

With the start of a New Year comes an opportunity to make a fresh start, and we’d like to offer you such an opportunity to make a fresh start with your choice of notation software. For a limited time, you can trade up to Sibelius from Finale, Encore, Mosaic or Notion for a further 35% […]

Love the one you’re with

Ron Hess makes an interesting point in his latest article for online publication Film Music Magazine, entitled Finale vs. Sibelius: Another Perspective. If I may be so bold as to attempt a précis, it would be that users of notation software (and indeed of software in general) are too quick to look at the features […]

Composer Charles B. Griffin switches to Sibelius

The American composer Charles B. Griffin has decided to switch to Sibelius after using Finale for more than 15 years. Griffin’s works have been performed in his hometown of New York, all over the US, and in other countries around the world including central and southern America and Europe. He has also worked as a […]

Grammy winner Doug Beavers switches to Sibelius

Talented jazz musician Doug Beavers — a Grammy-winning trombonist, composer, arranger and educator — has been a Finale user for 12 years, but now he’s switching to Sibelius, and will be sharing his experiences during the transition on his blog. He has already posted a conversation that took place between himself and a couple of his […]