Sound sets for EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra

Sibelius user Jonathan Loving has been working for several months now on producing sound sets for the EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra sound libraries, and today he has announced that the fruits of his labours are now available for everybody to use. EWQLSO is one of the leading sound libraries and is famous for its […]

Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a numeric keypad with Sibelius

Now this is pretty ingenious. My colleague Gabe Cobas tells me that BALMUDA Design’s NumberKey application for iPhone and iPod Touch (available from the iTunes App Store for £1.19 here in the UK) works beautifully with Sibelius on Mac OS X 10.5. Recent Apple laptops have done away with the embedded numeric keypad that was […]

Sibelius plays part in latest Alan Hood album

I received a note from Sibelius user Dave Hanson about his new album, Just a Little Taste. He says: I’ve just completed a CD of orchestral backgrounds for the jazz trumpet player Al Hood (my colleague at the University of Denver), including arrangements and original compositions of mine.  Much of it is in the the […]

An example of advanced layout

Sibelius is capable of some very advanced layouts, like this: To produce this kind of layout in Sibelius: Change the widths for empty bars, whole notes, and the Gap at start of bar values in House Style > Note Spacing Rule. Change the default distance between staves in House Style > Engraving Rules > Staves. […]

Sibelius comes in more than one flavour

The man with only one name, Erik, writes on his blog: …if you like a more classical approach, there are programs that are working with the sheet music look and feel. There are two big brands here, Sibelius and Finale. Finale has products that range from free to expensive, Sibelius comes in one flavor only. […]