Urtext fonts for Sibelius now available from FontShop

Judging from the interest in the Bravura font, the pre-release version of the font to be included with Steinberg’s new notation software, Sibelius users are eager for new ways to make their music look even more distinctive and beautiful. With the ubiquity of notation software, each program has certain “tells” that, to the relatively trained […]

Create custom line shapes using font characters in Sibelius

This blog post is written by Robert Puff, one of the industry’s top music preparers. Robert and his company RPM Seattle have prepared scores and parts for over 100 feature films since 1995. He also writes the insightful blog Of Note, where he shares Finale & Sibelius tips and tutorials. Read on to learn more […]

Introducing the new Sibelius First

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDOV5WE4OxM[/youtube] We’re very pleased to announce that a new version of Sibelius’s little brother, Sibelius First, is available from today, with some great new features never before seen in music notation software (including Sibelius 7!). Sibelius First is designed for home users, students, instrumental teachers, songwriters, choir masters – anybody who needs to quickly and easily […]

Two works scored in Sibelius win 2011 Paul Revere Awards

Every year, the Music Publishers’ Association of the United States holds a gala lunch to hand out its prestigious Paul Revere Awards. These awards are bestowed in recognition of outstanding examples of overall music publishing, acknowledging publishers for their efforts in all aspects of the publishing process, which includes music typesetting, printing and materials in […]

Going Behind Bars with author Elaine Gould

A major new book on the art and practice of music notation written by publisher Faber’s chief new music editor, Elaine Gould, is published today. Called Behind Bars: The definitive guide to music notation, it aims to be a practical reference book for composers, arrangers and copyists, to help ensure that what they write on […]