Weekend poll: printer preferences

Here’s another little question for you to answer over the weekend: what kind of printer do you use with Sibelius? Most of the work I do in Sibelius for my own use is adapting and arranging choral music for my choir. As such, I have a large format laser printer with an automatic duplexer at […]

How many displays do you have?

Here’s a little question for you for the weekend: what kind of computer do you run Sibelius on, and how many displays do you have attached to that computer? [polldaddy poll=3341092] What’s your ideal configuration for running Sibelius? Do you prefer having, for example, one portrait monitor to show a whole page of music, and […]

Boxing clever: how important is packaging?

Here’s a little question for you, dear reader, to close the week. We’re always evaluating our product packaging, both in terms of its effectiveness in helping prospective customers make a purchasing decision, and also in its impact on the environment. At the moment, a new copy of Sibelius is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, […]