Neuratron releases music handwriting app for mobile devices

A new music handwriting app called NotateMe has been released by Neuratron Ltd. Neuratron is the veritable maker of the AudioScore transcription software and PhotoScore music scanning software, and its lite versions of the software have come bundled with Sibelius’s recent versions. NotateMe is a brand new app designed to recognize a user’s handwritten manuscript […]

New plug-in: Add Interval

Plug-in guru Bob Zawalich has added a new plug-in, Add Interval, that fills a void in Sibelius’s abilities to manipulate notes by interval. Currently, one can add notes above existing notes, but only by diatonic intervals. It’s also possible to transpose by chromatic interval, but then one loses the original notes (in other words, there […]

Hit’n’Mix is making some noise

Martin Dawe is the mastermind behind PhotoScore and AudioScore, the music scanning and audio transcription software used by thousands of Sibelius users around the world. His latest product is called Hit’N’Mix, and it’s designed to break down audio into its component parts so that it can be played with, manipulated and recombined. This past weekend, […]