GVIDO music reader: a review

The GVIDO music reader aims to change the way music is read by merging the old with the new. It’s a dual-display hinged device that can show two facing pages with a large display size for each screen, using e-ink technology. Our hands-on review explores whether the product is ready for the consumer market.

Using Live Tempo for rehearsal

Directing choirs is my main musical pursuit outside of my professional life, and I’m fortunate to have been working with the same chamber choir for over a decade now. Normally, for practical reasons, our performances are a capella, since we don’t often have instrumentalists or ensembles available to accompany us, but every so often we […]

Sibelius creates harmony in the UAE

Broadcast Pro Middle East, a monthly magazine devoted to the broadcast TV and video market in the Arab world, features the United Arab Emirates Philharmonic Orchestra, the UAE’s only full orchestra, and its founder and artistic director, Philipp Maier: After launching the latest generation of the music notation software, Avid Sibelius 7, Philipp Maier was […]