Plug-in tip: Dotted Minim Rests

If you ever work in 12/8 time, you may have discovered that there is no default way to tell Sibelius to group the “macro” beats 1 & 2, or 3 & 4, into a single dotted half (dotted minim) rest. Enter Michael Eastwood’s plug-in, which does one thing, and does it well: Dotted Minim Rests […]

NumPad 2.0 for iPhone has dedicated Sibelius mode

I received an email from Luc Vandal of iPhone developer edovia about the release of NumPad 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. I’ve blogged about another numeric keypad application before, BALMUDA Design’s Number Key, but NumPad 2.0 takes the concept of an external numeric keypad a whole extra step further by having a dedicated Sibelius […]

Taming the Flexi-time latency beast

If you find that Sibelius always seems to be a sixteenth note (semiquaver) or an eighth note (quaver) behind you when you’re using Flexi-time note input to play notes in from your MIDI keyboard, then chances are you have been struck by the Flexi-time latency monster. Read on to find out how to tame this […]

Tips for quicker and easier note editing

Student Colin Griggs says, bluntly, “Sibelius Sucks.” Colin says that Sibelius’s handling of composition is neither elegant nor beautiful, that Sibelius 5 is rather bloated, and that “everything about it screams awkward.” Naturally, I couldn’t disagree more! But Colin does make a good point regarding what happens to existing notes when you decide to change […]