Navigating around your score using plug-ins

In this guest post, Sibelius plug-in guru Bob Zawalich describes several of the plug-ins he has written to make navigating around long scores quicker and easier. Several downloadable plug-ins that make it easier to navigate in a score are available to Sibelius 6 and 7. Find these on the plug-in download page in the Navigation […]

Installing plug-ins automatically in Sibelius 7.0.3

One of the unique things about Sibelius is that anybody can develop a plug-in for the program using its built-in ManuScript programming language. Over the years, a handful of especially dedicated Sibelius users – chief among them the legendary Bob Zawalich – have developed hundreds of plug-ins for Sibelius, and made them available for users […]

Sibelius and user-led innovation

About a year ago I was approached by Dr. Steve Flowers from CENTRIM, the Centre for Research in Innovation Management at the University of Brighton. Steve runs some very interesting research about the relationship between the companies who make products and the users who use them in innovative ways. From the research abstract: We see […]