Using Finale’s “tempo map”

A tempo map is a MIDI track containing tempo information in beats per minute. Finale generates a tempo map when it parses a track, but its tempo handling won’t behave as you might expect if you’ve worked in a DAW or other notation software. Here are some common problems and solutions.

Sibelius clinic at NYU ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of serving again on the faculty of the NYU/ASCAP Foundation Film Scoring Workshop in Memory of Buddy Baker. The 2013 workshop, which concluded last week, offers participants from around the world an intense 10-day period in which they attend clinics, participate in seminars, and work with a great faculty of […]

Composer Blake Neely on HBO’s The Pacific

This Sunday sees the US broadcast on HBO of the first episode of a major new ten-part miniseries called The Pacific. The Pacific is perhaps the spiritual successor to Band of Brothers, itself a ten-part adaptation of the book of the same name by American historian Stephen E. Ambrose. While Band of Brothers told the […]