Note to self: post about Comments

One of the neat little things we added in Sibelius 6 is the ability to create sticky note comments in the score. Creating a comment To create a comment, simply choose Create > Comment (shortcut Shift+Alt+C on Windows or Shift–Opt–C on Mac) or click the little sticky note icon on the toolbar, which looks like […]

View your score pages any which way in Sibelius 6

One of the small and perhaps under-celebrated improvements in Sibelius 6 is the ability to control how pages are laid out on screen. This is a purely ergonomic improvement that makes no difference how the score is eventually printed out onto paper, but can make a big difference to your workflow for editing. Shown above […]

Moving objects more quickly

Here’s a quick tip that could speed up your use of Sibelius. The program provides a number of ways of moving objects in the score, including: Dragging them with the mouse Nudging them with the arrow keys Nudging them by changing the values of X and Y in the General panel of Properties. Naturally, you […]

It’s The Little Things: View > Handles

I hope you’ll excuse the whimsical illustration. Today’s little thing is View > Handles, a small but useful improvement that makes certain operations much easier than before. Many objects in Sibelius have handles, small square boxes that appear when the object is selected, normally to show you that the object has multiple parts that can […]