Three quick tips from engraving Copland

In the course of preparing a new edition of Copland’s Three Latin American Sketches, here are three improvements that should not be overlooked when preparing a new edition, aside from the improvement in readability that an engraved part will bring. Also: Remembering Vivian Perlis, 1928-2019.

Thomas Brodhead on Leland Smith and SCORE

Here are Thomas Brodhead’s unabridged remarks about Leland Smith and SCORE, as provided by Thomas Brodhead to Sibelius Blog. I began using SCORE in 1993 on the recommendation of publishers (mainly in New York) who insisted on it at the time, when the alternative programs were deemed unsuitable for high-quality publication. Leland Smith’s genius was that […]

Bill Holab on Leland Smith and SCORE

Here are Bill Holab’s unabridged remarks about Leland Smith and SCORE, as provided by Bill Holab to Sibelius Blog. 1985 brought a small revolution to the publishing industry as a company named Aldus released a program called PageMaker. That, coupled with the new Macintosh computer (with its 9” screen) and an Apple Laserwriter ushered in […]

A brief history of music printing

A few years ago, Ben and Jonathan Finn, the original creators of Sibelius, were interviewed for a TV programme here in the UK for The Open University for the TA212 Technology of Music course. The programme’s synopsis is as follows: From the middle of the 15th century onwards, the intellectual and cultural life of the […]

It was 10 years ago today…

…that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. No, sorry, wrong lyric. Today is the tenth anniversary of my first day at Sibelius. I remember it well: having arrived at the office bright and early, my first duty was to build my own desk, and then get on with setting up my new PC, a […]