Three quick tips from engraving Copland

In the course of preparing a new edition of Copland’s Three Latin American Sketches, here are three improvements that should not be overlooked when preparing a new edition, aside from the improvement in readability that an engraved part will bring. Also: Remembering Vivian Perlis, 1928-2019.

Thomas Brodhead on Leland Smith and SCORE

Here are Thomas Brodhead’s unabridged remarks about Leland Smith and SCORE, as provided by Thomas Brodhead to Sibelius Blog. I began using SCORE in 1993 on the recommendation of publishers (mainly in New York) who insisted on it at the time, when the alternative programs were deemed unsuitable for high-quality publication. Leland Smith’s genius was that […]

Bill Holab on Leland Smith and SCORE

Here are Bill Holab’s unabridged remarks about Leland Smith and SCORE, as provided by Bill Holab to Sibelius Blog. 1985 brought a small revolution to the publishing industry as a company named Aldus released a program called PageMaker. That, coupled with the new Macintosh computer (with its 9” screen) and an Apple Laserwriter ushered in […]

A brief history of music printing

A few years ago, Ben and Jonathan Finn, the original creators of Sibelius, were interviewed for a TV programme here in the UK for The Open University for the TA212 Technology of Music course. The programme’s synopsis is as follows: From the middle of the 15th century onwards, the intellectual and cultural life of the […]

It was 10 years ago today…

…that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. No, sorry, wrong lyric. Today is the tenth anniversary of my first day at Sibelius. I remember it well: having arrived at the office bright and early, my first duty was to build my own desk, and then get on with setting up my new PC, a […]

Watching your parents grow up

Have you ever rooted around a box of old photos in your parents’ loft and had a good giggle at their crazy hairstyles or kipper ties? Avid founder Bill Warner has posted some photos from the early days of Avid on his blog, and they’re fun. Sibelius was acquired by Avid Technology, Inc. in the […]