Using Newzik and MusicXML

The sheet music reader Newzik has an ever-growing list of annotative features designed to make the app more useful in real-world use. Recently I asked Newzik’s product manager, Matan Daskal, about the opportunities, limitations, and the future of Newzik and MusicXML.

Dolet 6.3 for Sibelius improves MusicXML exporting

Amidst last week’s announcement about the release of Finale 2014, it may have been easy to overlook another announcement from MakeMusic that directly benefits Sibelius users. Dolet 6.3 for Sibelius, the plug-in that saves music in the MusicXML file interchange format, was also released on November 4, 2013. MusicXML is supported by more than 170 […]