Three quick tips from engraving Copland

In the course of preparing a new edition of Copland’s Three Latin American Sketches, here are three improvements that should not be overlooked when preparing a new edition, aside from the improvement in readability that an engraved part will bring. Also: Remembering Vivian Perlis, 1928-2019.

Score preparation and production notes

Originally appearing as a document that composer David MacDonald created for his weekly master class, this bullet-list of score preparation and production notes will improve the quality of your performance materials in no time. To it we have added relevant links from Scoring Notes and other sources.

Preferential treatment

The recent Scorch update for Mac brought welcome support for Firefox and some other improvements. Although the initial release deleted Sibelius’s preference file, Avid quickly identified the problem and issued a corrected version the very next day. It got me thinking, why should you care if your preference file was deleted? What are the Preferences […]