What’s next for the podcast

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
What's next for the podcast

As the Scoring Notes podcast approaches the two-year mark and our 100th episode, we announce some changes to the release schedule and preview what’s coming in future episodes.

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  1. Peter McAleer

    I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts and the report between you two. One of the things that kept me sane (arguably) during the pandemic and I’m so pleased you’re not stopping.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Peter!

  2. Steve Sanders

    Just a few thoughts re future posts (perhaps some these are not what Scoring Notes is intended for though):
    – Still would like a template for standardisation for lyrics hyphenation (I know we can consult Behind Bars for the rules, but a template would be helpful) – I still do not find hyphenation obvious and write some which on second reading look daft!
    – I still have problems in entering drums kit / percussion in choosing the right notes / noteheads and have to hunt around for the right combination to present the correct noteheads which play back with the correct sounds – I must be missing something something fundamental (Sibelius)!
    – Re Digital Scores – There are issues re battery / device failure. My wife and I rag each other re me reading all my books on Kindle which she delights in when I forget to charge it, and it fails as soon as I start to read a book in bed, while she can continue to read her analogue (paper) book)! A bit of a disaster on a rehearsal / performance.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Steve!

  3. Stephen Taylor

    Great to hear about the continuing future for this fantastic podcast! And I’m glad that your lives are so busy and productive – congrats on these upcoming, timely presentations, and I can’t wait to hear about them on the podcast!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Stephen!

  4. Harry

    Indispensable—that’s how I’d describe the Scoring Notes podcasts. I’m so pleased, Philip and David, to hear you’re continuing with monthly episodes. Thanks for all the gems you’ve shared over the last two years, and I look forward more useful hints and tips in the future.

    1. Philip Rothman

      That’s very much appreciated. Thank you, Harry!

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