The Well-Tempered Consort

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
The Well-Tempered Consort

Justin Tokke joins Philip Rothman and David MacDonald to introduce the Well-Tempered Consort, a fully flexible and customizable way of configuring Bach’s masterpiece for any ensemble. Justin arranged the entire project, edited all of the parts, and is the Technical Lead for Carl Fischer Music, which is publishing the entire collection for anyone to configure and download to suit a wide variety of instrumental combinations.

Justin first talks to us about the developments in the music publishing industry over the past year, and then gets into the details of the multi-year process of creating the arrangements. We discuss how to organize large music preparation projects such as this one, which encompasses more than 1500 Sibelius files, and Justin shares the technical and music engraving tips he learned over the course of getting the Well-Tempered Consort ready for publication.

Well-Tempered Consort from Carl Fischer Music

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  1. Bob Zawalich

    What a cool idea, and what a joy to hear about the artistry and competence ( this is a compliment!) displayed by Justin in discussing his work.

    It is great fun that such things are possible, and that more is to come.

    And yeah, Sibelius really does not handle duplicates well…

    Great episode, guys!

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